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Cezar – “Koka”

by Miracle

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“KoKa” (listen/download)

There is nothing like a collaboration between a super talented emcee and a red hot producer. So when the news broke that the homie Cezar had hooked up with the one and only Krazi Beatz (KeepnItMil), there was no question that it was going to be a banger. And the duo did not disappoint. The two worked together on a single titled “KoKa.” The production here is fire. The grimy foundation, quirky yet street secondary components, deliberate pace, and raw vibe make for a striking merger. The hook is sly. The delivery is lively and the lyrics are infectious. There is only one verse but it’s a scorcher. Cezar presents the listener with a conspicuous flow, sterling wordplay, and state of the art rhymes. He paints an arresting image of the what the term “koka” is all about. Some lines to be aware of are: “Ever since I came in low with my n—as everybody looking around like who that. Buddy that’s a dope a** n—a from the West-side. If you keep it trill then y’all already knew that. And ever since bro introduced my mind to this Alpine high everything been snow. Everything been cold. Got a snow bunny rolling my dro by the quo. All this smoke got a n—a mind froze.” Ridiculous bars right there with masterful word usage at the end. Overall, this is a vicious record and one of Cezar’s biggest hits to date.

**My Two Cents: Cezar and Krazi are two of my favorite talents in the Milwaukee music scene. So I was beyond thrilled to see that they had finally linked up. This song is ill. Cezar switched up his flow, his rhymes were heavy hitting, and he just really smashed the beat as a whole. Plus, Krazi gave him a four star piece to work with too. The fellas say that this is just the first of many joint efforts from them and I personally can’t wait to hear what they do next. Stay tuned! -MinM

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