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Slick Talka – “Broken-Home” (Video)

by Miracle

1473022_192601587610298_196146945_n(Photo By $killz)

Riding high off of his latest release Superman Returnz: Destined 4 Greatness, $killz has decided to start exercising some of his other talents again. One of said talents happens to be video directing. He was kind enough to share one of his latest ventures exclusively with the site. It’s a set of visuals for up-and-coming artist Slick Talka and his track “Broken-Home.” Take a peek below.

“Broken-Home” was produced by VNTG HVLL and is scheduled to appear on Slick Talka’s pending mixtape, Destruction. The song itself is set to a grounded infrastructure with eerie climactic musical ingredients, a passive tempo, and a melancholy vibe. The content is adequate. Slick exhibits a distinct brisk flow, esteemed wordplay, and gratifying rhymes. Overall, it’s a favorable short selection.

As previously mentioned the video is a product of $killz for his Stricly Bizz Productions imprint. It is shot entirely in a black & white color scheme. The flick begins with a glimpse of Slick Talka trekking through the snow to his home. He enters the residence which turns out to be pretty barren and deserted. It’s a creative nod to the theme of the track. Slick Talka seems to be unfazed by the surroundings though as he settles right in. He spends some time upstairs where he engages in some gripping solo shots in front of the mirror. Then he moves on to the downstairs area where he proceeds to ease his mind via smoking and drinking. The video ends with a wandering close up shot of the preoccupied rapper. As a whole, this was a noteworthy viewing.

**My Two Cents: Slick Talka is a promising new artist. He has an intriguing flow and his rhymes are valid. I really liked the single. The video was dope too. The color choice matched the tone of the track flawlessly and I think the condition of the home was an excellent way to represent the content. $killz hasn’t lost his touch at all when it comes to putting together fresh visuals. Readers can keep up with Slick Talka and all of his future endeavors via Facebook. -MinM

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