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Cezar – “0-100” (CezMix Video)

by Miracle

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When something is in high demand, it’s usually best to just go ahead and give the people what they want. So it was only right for the Mil-Town’s own Cezar (CCM) to drop the full length version of his widely anticipated video for his remix of “0-100” last week. For a refresher on the single or to download the track, readers can check out the previous review here. The video can be watched after the break.

The video was shot by Lady SabO for SMO Productions. The plot line is pretty straight-laced. It basically entails a typical day on the block with Cezar and his crew. They post up outside with drinks, fraternize amongst spotless vehicles, smoke, and just generally have a carefree time. Additionally, there is a slick reoccurring solo glimpse of Cezar handling his business in a basement environment. Undoubtedly no flick is complete without a couple of cameos. Lady SabO gets a chance to step in front of the camera for a quick second. Inferno another 414 talent, makes a brief appearance as well. And of course the rest of the CCM squad DJ Trill Will & E Money are in full effect too. The flick wraps up with a close up shot of Cezar before fading to into an array of promotional clips. Overall, this was a fitting conception.

**My Two Cents: I thought this was done proficiently. It served as a good physical compliment to the song. There was great coordination between the lyrics and certain scenes. Everybody involved reflected the vibe of the track nicely. There were some cool moments throughout on the editing tip. And Cezar delivered his performance with charisma. One really couldn’t ask for more out of a video. Cezar is still playing the release date and other details for Heavy Hu$tle close to his chest but The Illixer will provide updates as soon as any info becomes available. Readers can also stay in the loop by: liking Cezar’s fan page (see above) and/or following him on Twitter and Instagram. -MinM

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