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Carl “BFM” Jones Presents: Mid-West Minute Radio Show (1-16-13)

by Miracle

227713_4859720487353_1994208461_n(Photo By Carl “BFM” Jones)

Mid-West Minute Radio (Tune In)

It’s time for round two of Mid-West Minute Radio. Tonight’s show will feature artists: Young General, KC Carter, and Ready & C. Mills. Ready & C. Mills happen to be holding it down for Milwaukee. Additionally, the blog talk segment with the media partners is going to feature some interesting stories out of the STL. Seems like Carl “BFM” Jones put together another hot one for the net. Those interested can tune in via the provided link from 8pm – 10pm. If listeners want to be a part of the show, they can call in via this number: 347-996-3277. And people can always see what’s coming next, catch recaps, and more via the show’s website.

**My Two Cents: Even though the show is only a few sessions in, it is creating a nice buzz. I am happy to support such a positive venture in the Mid-West Hip-Hop scene. I hope that the show continues to get bigger and better. I also hope that artists appreciate this opportunity and all of the hard work that it takes to make it happen. Readers should for sure tune in tonight if they have a chance. -MinM

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