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Cardiac Da Pulse – “See Me Fall”

by Miracle

The Shaded Grey EP

Cardiac Da Pulse is an artist here in Milwaukee who has been in the game now for quite some time. He reps for Red Division Music. He has worked in all aspects of the music world but is currently operating as a solo artist. As part of his solo endeavors, he is preparing to release a brand new project entitled The Shaded Grey EP. His first leak off of the EP, “Politics As Usual” was a hit amongst listeners and presented a more relaxed thoughtful side to his style. But there is alot more to the 414 emcee. To demonstrate that fact, he reached out to the site to help him break the album’s second single, “See Me Fall.” Catch the rundown on the track below.

The production here is hot. The unwavering foundation, hard hitting background ingredients, conventional pace, and heightened vibe formulate together in a superior fashion. The hook excels too. The delivery is spirited and the lyrics are authentic. The verses are efficient. Cardiac Da Pulse serves up a distinguished flow, noticeable wordplay, and slightly aggressive rhymes. He does an excellent job of conveying the more assertive side of his personality. A few lines to be aware of are: “You ain’t moving nothing n—a. Get from round here. They leave n—as stretched out. No lawn chair. From the bottom block, they got squares in the spot. I ain’t touch nothing. I was just working. 9 to 5 hustle. Yeah got that b—h twerking. They wonder what I’m doing. Ain’t s–t bruh. Got them records cooking in the crock pot. (…) Bout to bring that gritty s–t back to Hip-Hop.” Those are some reputable opening bars right there. All in all, this selection is worthy of two thumbs up.

**My Two Cents: I like Cardiac Da Pulse and I believe he has a lot to offer with his talent. The first two singles off of his upcoming EP alone show a lot of versatility and passion. Also, anyone who has had a personal conversation with him can tell that his love for music is vast as well as genuine. He’s definitely got the right frame of mind and attitude for what he’s trying to do. I enjoyed both singles equally and can’t wait to hear what else he has awaiting his supporters via The Shaded Grey EP. Be sure to stay tuned to the site for future developments. -MinM

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