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Synik & Rod McCoy – “Rolling Stoned”

by Miracle

artworks-000077087127-ix89t2-t500x500(Photo By Sound Cloud)

The homie Rod McCoy (Audible Hustle Entertainment) wanted the smokers out there to have a little something to celebrate their day with. So he sent over a track from Selah, his collaboration project with fellow artist Synik. The duo have a selection on the collective dubbed “Rolling Stoned” that’s perfectly fitting for those 420 playlists or just any smoking session really. The production here is fluent. The quiet bass, atmospheric background elements, low-pressure tempo, and free-spirited vibe result in a magnetic blend. The hook is on point too. The delivery is entertaining and the lyrics are suitable. The verses are of a four star quality. Synik and Rod McCoy exhibit likeable flows laced with strong Southern accents, adept wordplay, and exceptional rhymes. They guide the listener through a typical day that incorporates them taking part in a little mind elevation. A handful of memorable lines are: “The Coup bucket seated. The leather treated. Tinted windows keep what’s going on inside a secret. Hit the gas and the pipes roar like a Prehistoric beast. Chopping up yo avenue. Eat yo streets with saber teeth. You can’t compete. So save yo gas and slow down lil buddy. This here for grown folks. Go hang ya jacket in ya cubby.” Those are quite the silver-tongued bars right there. Overall, this is a super dope record.
**My Two Cents: Even though I don’t smoke, I think this track goes hard. I loved the sound and the content was fresh. Synik & Rod McCoy remind me of like an old school Outkast or the YoungBloodZ. They have a really slick style about them. This is the second song that I’ve heard from Selah and thoroughly enjoyed. It’s shaping up to be a seriously hot project and I can’t wait to get the chance to share it with readers. -MinM

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