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Qewl Miles – ARToFFiciaL (EP Review)

by Miracle

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414 talent Qewl Miles hasn’t graced the pages of The Illixer in over a year. He’s been expanding his resume by working behind the scenes. He linked up with the one and only Philly Fly Boy to start learning the business of shooting music videos. The pair have been knocking out visuals from here to the ATL for artists such as T.I. and Trae Tha Truth, just to name a few. But Qewl has not forgotten about his music. He recently put out a brand new EP coined, ARToFFiciaL. It consists of eleven tracks and enlists guest appearances from the likes of: $killz, Lou.E Motto, Trae The Truth, etc. Take a peek after the break to discover which tunes truly gelled with the site.

“Leave” F/ Lou.E Motto

The production here is clean. The mellow foundation, buoyant musical components, attractive rhythm, and trendy vibe fuse together charmingly. The hook is refreshing. The vocals are a soulful treat for the ears. The lyrics are rich. The verses are of a high caliber quality. Qewl Miles knocks out the first two verses and Lou.E Motto winningly chimes in towards the end. Qewl presents a comprehensive flow, smart wordplay, and four star rhymes. Lou E. serves up distinct harmonies and compelling lyrics. The duo convey some weighty sentiments as they touch on trying to make their way through life. A couple of lines worth highlighting from Qewl are: “I’m an optimist who secretly is sinning. Grown weary of the critics, b—hes, and b—h n—as, who long to stop my digits. Been down for too long. I’m at a crossroads. On E. since 1999. Thugging in my bones. They love it I suppose. Tugging on my clothes. Opposite was true when I wasn’t on my toes. Doubted and wrote me off. Now them n—as writing checks. Hoes said I wasn’t s–t. Now they saying that I’m blessed. Plotting with ulterior motives saying that we’ll kick it. Thinking I’m a meal ticket. B—h I’m a real n—a.” Those are some deviceful bars right there. Overall, this song is a smash and a favorite off of the album.

“No Grudges” F/ Jr. J

The production here is sterling and comes about courtesy of Bizness Boi of Elusive Orkestra. The gentle bass, enchanting secondary ingredients, mid-tempo gait, and spirited old school vibe are perfectly matched. The hook is fly as well. The vocals are flawless and the lyrics are endearing. The verses are a delight. Qewl Miles tackles the first verse and then passes the second portion of the track on to Jr. J. Both artists provide sleek executions, favorable wordplay, and suave lyrics/rhymes. They serve as shining examples of how to win over a lady. Observe as Qewl spits: “Let’s conversate. Go on a couple dates. I’m loving your curves. All that a**, little waist. Don’t be so quick to judge. Your honor let me plead my case. Got a thing for thick lips. Good girls with a twist. A curve to her hips. A perk to her tits. A head with some sense. And a whole lot of attitude. Ha, I think I’m feeling you.” One has to appreciate the charisma that Qewl demonstrates in those lines. All in all, this is a delectable offering. Very reminiscent of something that veteran rapper LL Cool J may have done in his earlier days.

“Whole Lotta Game”

The production here is first-class. The heavy hitting infrastructure, fierce background elements, lively pace, and dramatic vibe result in a satisfactory blend. The hook is superior. The delivery has a lot of character and the lyrics are attention grabbing. The verses are choice. Qewl exhibits a hardcore flow, dominating wordplay, and no-nonsense rhymes. He plays up the street side of his persona that a lot of his supporters seem to fancy. A handful of impressive lines include: “Hung with them n—as out on that block. Serving that hard rock. That Pantera. I see fraud all in your aura. Everything about you reads error. I been cool since conception. I been fresh since the placenta. And so on, etc. My whip game is overkill. Paint job is like candy coated rain drops. Soul for real.” Those bars have a stylish hood essence about them. As a whole, this is a banging selection.

**My Two Cents: ARToFFiciaL is legit. Qewl Miles hasn’t missed a step. His music game is just as strong as it was before. In fact, I’d say he’s even stepped it up a notch lyrically. The production on the EP was pretty bananas too. He got some really gifted individuals to lace the boards on this one. And the guest appearances were ace as well. The EP was truly incredibly put together from start to finish. Props to Qewl Miles for putting out such a grade A project. -MinM

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