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Cardiac Da Pulse – “See Me Fall” (Video)

by Miracle

The Shaded Grey EP(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Milwaukee based artist Cardiac Da Pulse of Red Division Music has taken the next step in getting his supporters excited about his upcoming project, The Shaded Grey EP. He released a set of visuals for his Young Nova produced single “See Me Fall.” A review for the song can be read here. For the video, he tapped rising hit producer and videographer 40Mil. The two kept it clean, simple, and to the point. Check out the result of their collaboration below.

The video opens with an array of glimpses of rustic city scenery. So the viewer is privy to sights such as: aged buildings, industrial debris, city landmarks like the Pabst Brewery, etc. These coarse images come from shooting in locations that include: MATC, Downtown Milwaukee, construction work sites, and South-side Milwaukee. Next, Cardiac Da Pulse makes his first appearance. He has his back turned to the camera as he zones out to the various isolated rhythms within the production. From there, the duration of the flick centers around Cardiac giving an enthusiastic performance of the record. He does an excellent job of turning his unpolished outdoor surroundings into an unconventional stage of sorts. There are some snazzy editing devices at work too that help give the video a bit of flair. The final scenes from the project include some close up shots of the Red Division Music CEO and a sprinkling of promotional artwork. All in all, this was a solid number.

**My Two Cents: Cardiac said that his goal with this video was to display the gritty and tough side of the 414 to match the nature of the song. I think he knocked that concept out of the park. He chose great settings for it and he really put some effort into his performance. Also, 40Mil did justice with the editing. I’m a firm believer that sometimes less is more. Thus, I dig the visuals a lot. The Shaded Grey EP is getting closer and closer to gracing public airwaves everyday. So continue to be on the lookout. -MinM

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