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Georgia based rap group Migos may have risen to fame by bragging about high priced fashions and lavish lifestyles but apparently they march to a much darker tune outside of the booth. It is being reported that the trio are involved in a beef of sorts with fellow Georgia rappers 2G.

Both parties are being linked to a shooting that occurred on the 11th of this month. An individual by the name of Paris Brown was murdered at a Quality Inn in Gwinnett County. Someone identified 2G affiliate Cory Marzette as the alleged shooter in the incident. They believe the actual target was Offset, one of the members of the Migos collective and that the hit was ordered by 2G. Authorities say that Brown was a supporter of the trio who unfortunately was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and ended up catching a stray bullet. There was a second shooter involved in the murder as well but they have yet to be identified. And Offset of course has refused to cooperate with the police so that the other suspect may be apprehended. Authorities say he seemed more interested in protecting his reputation on the streets and in music than trying to bring about justice for his fallen fan. The drama between the two groups has reportedly been taking place for about six months now with minor incidents going on throughout the city of Atlanta. Officials are worried that Brown’s murder is an indication of the beef escalating to a more serious and dangerous level. It doesn’t help that this isn’t Migos’ first run in with senseless violence either. The group was also tied to a shooting that happened in Florida back in March following a show that got canceled due to a disturbance involving their management team. Someone was injured in that scenario but there were no lives lost. Hopefully, things calm down soon and no other innocent people get hurt in the process.

**My Two Cents: I am not a fan of Migos or their music. And this just made it worse. Why risk squandering an opportunity of a lifetime over petty hood nonsense? Because I am sure whatever the problem is between them and 2G, it’s something ridiculous. They need to be focused on capitalizing off of the fame that “Versace” got them and leave that other mess alone. My heart goes out to Paris Brown’s family as well as his friends. May he rest in peace. And may no one else lose their life or get caught up in this foolishness. -MinM