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Bobby V Presents: Journey To Peach Moon (Web Series – Episodes 1, 2, & 3)

by Miracle

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Atlanta R&B singer Bobby V has decided to document the road leading up to the release of his new EP, Peach Moon. He will carry out this venture via a web based series entitled Journey To Peach Moon. A new episode of the series will debut every Monday and Thursday until the project drops. The album is set to hit retailers on December 12th. At the moment, the show has a total of three entries. It has proven to be a fruitful idea as it has gone viral and received nothing but rave reviews from Bobby V’s fans.

The first episode is called “Evolution.” It centers around Bobby’s development over the years as a recording artist. It kicks off with a definition of the term in the title. From there, a clip of Bobby playing the piano and singing his latest hit “Back To Love” comes into focus. Afterwards, a candid discussion is displayed between Bobby V and cinematographer/photographer Ben Brown. The two go back and forth about a little bit of everything including: record label issues, trends in music, falling in & out of love with singing, Bobby’s band, and more. It is a short yet enlightening piece. Perfect way for those unfamiliar to start to get to know Bobby a little bit better. The video ends with a song clip and a bit of advertising. All in all, it was a nice first entry and it can be viewed below.

The second episode is labeled “Beginning.” It too opens with a definition of the word. Next, Bobby and Ben discuss his very first run in the music world as part of the R&B group Mista. The two journey down memory lane as they watch the video for the group’s classic hit single “Blackberry Molasses.” Additionally, the viewer gets to learn a little bit about Bobby’s early songwriting efforts for other artists. Overall, this was another well done and informative episode. Readers can catch it here. “Change” marks episode three in the series. It opens with a little live instrumentation in the studio before cutting away to more of Bobby V and Ben chopping it up. This time around the duo get into some differences that have occurred throughout the course of his career. For example, they get into the scenario surrounding the altering of his name. Aside from that, Bobby takes the viewer on a mini tour of his studio and allows the camera to get a glimpse of him in the booth. As a whole, this was a fine entry. Those interested can catch it on Bobby V’s YouTube channel.

**My Two Cents: I think this web-series was a very neat idea. It’s a great way for people to get reacquainted with Bobby V as well as learn more about him. I myself definitely took a lot away from the first three installments. For instance, I had no idea that he was in the group Mista. He truly has been doing his thing for quite some time now. Also, I love seeing artists in their element. So getting to witness him do his thing in the studio was pretty cool too. Looking forward to catching the next episode on Thursday for sure. To make sure they are up to date on the series as well as the pending Peach Moon EP, readers can follow Bobby V on Twitter. -MinM

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