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Big Six F/ Trunk Bussa – “In My Zone”

by Miracle

Milwaukee’s own Big Six of StreetTeam Inc. and Trunk Bussa of Dope Beats Fam Gang decided to collaborate on a track. It turned out so well that they went on to make a video for the song with the one and only Sinista New Breed behind the camera. So what happened when all of these local heavyweights got together? Take a look below to find out.



As mentioned this video was shot and edited by Sinista New Breed. The concept for the video centers around Big Six and Trunk Bussa coming together with their respective crews and blowing off some steam. They take over various locations around the city like The Spot and a local bowling alley. They also take part in an array of leisurely activities such as: dominoes, drinking, arcade games, etc. And there are numerous quick cameos from other Milwaukee artists including Boys Like Britain and Ole P. Besides the hot track, what makes this video a winner is all of the effects that Sinista threw in the mix. He played with lighting, color, and movement. He created some really sick solo shots of Six and Trunk. The visuals end with one last candid shot of Boys Like Britain. Overall, this was a fly project. Six and Trunk did their thing throughout the piece and Sinista packaged it all together nicely.

**My Two Cents: I’m digging this track and the video. It looks like everyone enjoyed themselves and it’s always a good thing to see artists in the city united and keeping the peace. Also, Sinista really stepped his game up with this one. I’d say it’s one of his best videos to date. Congrats to Sinista, Trunk Bussa, and Big Six for all the love they have been receiving on the video. It is much deserved. -MinM

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