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Lil Wyte F/ $hamrock – “Yea Hoe” (Video)

by Miracle

One of the many standout tracks off of Lil Wyte‘s current album Still Doubted? is the song he did with fellow Wyte Music artist $hamrock aka Yung Irish titled, “Yea Hoe.” The Big BOI Beats produced song seems to be a real fan favorite. So last week when visuals dropped for the record it was the icing on the cake. Check out Wyte and $ham getting it in below.


This video was shot by Wes Phillips. The editing and special effects were handled by Blake Franklin. The tone for the video matches the ominous vibe of the track. The video begins with the opening info displayed on and around a bloody chainsaw image while a man is shown blindfolded, gagged, and tied to a chair in the background. From there things just get crazier. Wyte and $ham are seen amidst a variety of sinister backdrops jamming out as they spit their verses. The backdrops range from simple sights like a dark stairwell to more intense sights like a blazing fire. A few of the scenes are accented even more by Wyte rocking a black hockey mask. He wears the Jason look well. But Wyte and Yung Irish are not vibing out to the shadowy tune by themselves. Wyte Music group Thug Therapy makes a reoccurring  cameo throughout the video too. The video winds down with a quick view of the different shots, the final scene being the same one from the very beginning of the piece. Overall, this was an ill vision for the single.

**My Two Cents: I like stuff with a twisted or horror style theme to it. So I thought this video was extra dope. Blake Franklin made great use of the different graphics and snapped on the editing tip. Also, Wyte, $ham, and Thug Therapy were very committed to the nature of the video and came with a lot of personality/energy. So they were entertaining to watch. And congrats are in order to the Wyte Music team as well. This video is doing major numbers on both YouTube and World Star Hip-Hop. That’s a beautiful thing. Still Doubted? is available via all music retailers now, so be sure to go cop it. Additionally, $hamrock is dropping his new Money Green album sometime soon. And I heard Thug Therapy has a project on the horizon too. The Wyte Music camp is working! Be sure to catch up with them and all of their ventures on Facebook. -MinM

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