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Ay-Rock F/ Faray – “Wanna Talk”

by Miracle

Wanna Talk(Photo By RTGEnt)

“Wanna Talk” F/ Faray (listen/download)

Ay-Rock is an up-and-coming talent who was born in Austin, Texas. He dived into the creative world very young via poetry. His poetry transitioned into lyrics and his musical endeavors began from there. He took the time to develop his style & flow and then went on to run his own studio out of his bedroom by the time he hit his teens. During this period, he also realized his passion for producing and engineering. It allowed him to come to appreciate other genres in addition to Hip-Hop like: Rock, R&B, Pop, etc. He learned to mix and master his own music as well. Eventually, he even earned a Bachelor’s Degree from The Art Institute Of Washington in Audio Production. This landed him in a coveted position as a studio engineer in the DMV area where he got to work with major names such as: Wale, B.o.B, Maino, and more. He markets all of his talents under a brand/company called Ready To Go. Likewise, this happens to be the name of his pending mixtape.

To show off what he is capable of,  his team sent over his latest single “Wanna Talk.” The track was produced by Street Empire and features fellow artist Faray. The production here is hot. The hard hitting bass, savvy crisp musical components, magnetic rhythm, and hood vibe make for a slick combination. The hook is winning as well. The melodic delivery is super appealing and the lyrics are concise. The verses are of A-1 quality. Ay-Rock steps up first and Faray makes an impressive follow up. Both artists exhibit distinct flows, sly wordplay, and model rhymes. They convey the message that they are on a mission to be number one and could care less about anyone or anything that’s not a part of their plans. Some notable lines from Ay-Rock are: “I’ve been trying to find my place and time. So I put in mine cause I knew that I was destined for that top spot. Now they all pursuing me. All these n—as talking but they words ain’t never moving me. Usually I’m always up to par with what they choose to be. Scrutiny, these n—as taking chances. Give ’em two or three. Charge it to the game. Watch ’em opt out. Looking for the fame in strange places. Tell ’em box out or drop out.” Very smooth-tongued set of bars right there. Overall, this is a favorable offering.

**My Two Cents: Ay-Rock is a legit new artist. I dig his style and his rhymes are pretty valid too. This single was fly. The production was superior and the content was dope. It certainly sets a promising tone for the upcoming tape. Be sure to check out more with Ay-Rock on Twitter (see above link) and readers can also find him on Facebook as well as Instagram. -MinM

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