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Keeqs F/ Rude Boy Pook – “Don’t Trip”

by Miracle

Don't Trip Cover(Photo By Aaron Jay)

“Don’t Trip” F/ Rude Boy Pook (listen/download)

Keeqs is an artist in his early twenties on the come up from Fresno, California. He got his footing in the world of Hip-Hop at the age 16 as part of a local group by the name of C.O.D. Since that time he has stepped out on the solo tip and developed an original one of a kind polished style all his own. His music is known for being relative and a genuine hit amongst the people. Currently, he is working on a new project entitled TNOS (The New Old School). To gain interest, he has released a banging new single dubbed “Don’t Trip.” It includes a guest appearance by another Fresno native Rude Boy Pook and was produced by Aaron Jay.

The production here is blazing. The sunken foundation, mesmerizing secondary elements, infectious mid-tempo gait, and charismatic vibe are on ten. The hook is a slam dunk as well. The delivery is fresh. The lyrics are raw and catchy. The verses are prime. Keeqs rocks the first half of the song and Rude Boy Pook masters the second half. Each rapper comes with a standout flow, clever wordplay, and optimum rhymes. They send a clear cut message to those who have a habit of sticking their noses in other people’s business. Peep it as Keeqs spits: “Guess it’s cool in a weird way. I’m out here doing my thang. Just live how I live. And do what I do. There’s way too much on my plate. I ain’t got the time to deal with you. We dream chasing. We hit making. We stacking up that change. I’m way too worried about me for me to be worried about what you saying.” Refined self-explanatory way to put someone in their place right there. All in all, this is a certified hit.

**My Two Cents: Keeqs has that it factor for sure. His style is engaging and his bars are commendable. This track was a great introduction to the Fresno resident. The production was bananas and the content isn’t anything to take lightly either. Additionally, being in the music world I can truly appreciate the theme of the record. Even at this entry level, it’s all gossip and drama (smh). I’ll definitely be keeping my ear on Keeqs in the future. Much love to the West Coast! -MinM

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