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Amerikas Addiction – “Lights”

by Miracle

(Photo By Enliten Clothing)

“Lights” (Presented By Amerikas Addiction & Enliten Clothing)

Milwaukee’s favorite eclectic duo Amerikas Addiction is officially back in the music game. They dropped a brand new stand alone single to increase the excitement for their new upcoming album The Key. The single is entitled “Lights” and has been dubbed stand alone because it will NOT appear on the new project. Which is a little sad because it’s a great single. The production here is hot. Sonically, it has a street cutting edge sound going on. The various musical elements fuse together nicely and create a fierce vibe. It’s a different style for the duo but it works. The hook is fair. The delivery is catchy and the lyrics are direct. It would have been nice if the lyrics had just a little bit more content to them. The verses are a tad explicit but still skillfully put together. The flow is unique and engaging with a cool varying cadence. The rhymes are choice and do a flawless job of illustrating the themes of the song. The themes being women and intimacy with or without lights. Highlight lines include: “Red mohawk, n—a I don’t give f–k. True Religion swag, feeling like a million bucks. I’m doing what I want. N—as doing what they can. Got a bad ass broad,. Foreign, came straight from Japan.” Those are only a few lines but they are very boss. Overall, this song is a smash. It was a different and daring move for the duo but that’s why everyone loves Amerikas Addiction. They are not afraid to go there. Read what else they have going on after the jump.

Amerikas Addiction’s up-and-coming album The Key is dropping September 11, 2012. Not only will fans get new and original content from Amerikas Addiction themselves but they teamed up with an impressive group of producers for some one of a kind production. So listeners will be privy to sounds from the likes of: Roc N’ Mayne who has worked with Meek Mill and Bun B, DJ Pain 1 who has worked with Young Jeezy and Gucci Mane, and a list of others. If the promise of new music isn’t enough to tide fans over, the video for the hit song “College Girl” is dropping soon as well. Word is that it’s a pretty wild set of visuals. And there is one more venture that the group has up their sleeves. They are working on a new video series entitled “Life Of An Addict.” The series will show all of the struggles, victories, and other experiences that one endures while truly trying to make a successful business out of a love for music. The fellas are putting in some serious work, gotta respect their grind.  #DOWHATYOUDESIRE

**My Two Cents: I think “Lights” is a fine track. I really dig the production. The content is a little edgy but it wouldn’t quite be Amerikas Addiction if it were tame. The Key sounds like it is shaping up to be a very dope project. I can’t wait until September. But I think I am most excited for the video series that the two are working on. It seems like it’s going to be interesting and enlightening.  For all things Amerikas Addiction visit their website, blog, and like them on Facebook. -MinM

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