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Adam Reverie – “Our Future Is BLACK”

by Miracle

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Your eyes are not playing tricks on you. Adam Reverie is indeed back in the game. He announced his retirement from music back in June to take care of some personal business. However after the controversial Ferguson ordeal, he decided it was time for him to get back in the booth and deliver a message. His new single “Our Future Is BLACK” is produced by Adam Snow and it stops just shy of two minutes.

The production here is easy going. The light weight base, delicate supporting details, complimentary background vocals, fluent tempo, and meditative vibe make for a cohesive pairing. There is no hook found on this record. But one isn’t really needed at all. The lone verse is enlightening. Adam Reverie disperses a clean cut flow, blunt wordplay, and powerful rhymes. Adam’s purpose with this track was to examine the issues within the Black community and encourage the people to take responsibility for their shortcomings in order to help pave the way for a brighter future. A few valuable lines from his undertaking are: “We’re slowly losing our race when we ain’t used to winning. If we ain’t gonna change now somebody tell me when then. I’m well aware of my actions and too their repercussions. I’d rather take a stand for something than to die for nothing. Even if that stance means that I’m all alone. Blacks don’t even love Blacks so God help us all.” Those words right there create an unforgettable ending. Following the verse is a clip from the classic hood film, Boyz N The Hood. It’s the infamous speech given by Laurence Fishburne regarding gentrification. Readers can take a look at the clip below. It was a brilliant and very relevant way to conclude the single. All in all, this is a remarkable effort. Adam Reverie made a flawless comeback.

**My Two Cents: I was so ecstatic to see new music from Adam in my inbox. He is one of my favorite non-local artists and his music & messages have definitely been missed. With that said, this song is everything. The production is finely done. It plays the background to the lyrics superbly. The content is raw and honest. Which is exactly what we need to hear during this time of unrest. The system needs to change but we as a people have some work to do too. And it was very brave of Adam to use his return to call attention to that fact. Readers definitely need to listen to this a time or two and then pass it on to others. Stay tuned for more with Adam Reverie. Word is that he will be releasing a brand new album sometime in 2015. -MinM

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