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Music Quickies: 40Mil – 40Mil Got Beats 3 (Beat Tape)

by Miracle

a0210466579_10(Photo By Band Camp)

Top Milwaukee producer and videographer 40Mil dropped a brand new beat tape last week. It’s coined 40Mil Got Beats 3 and it includes nine freshly crafted instrumentals. They have a diverse range in sound which gives the project the potential to appeal to musical tastes of all kinds.

“AH” has a darker nature to it with heavy hitting elements, a lethargic tempo, and a serious vibe. Could work well as a Hip-Hop tune or something slightly more alternative. “The Flight Midtro” is a highly entertaining interlude with a bit of twist set to a groovy production that entails a light-hearted aura. It’s a beat that would fit nicely on any airplane traveling playlists. A major standout comes via a number labeled “Go Go Gadget.” It puts a seriously dope spin on the theme music from the old cartoon series that any person who is fond of the show will certainly appreciate. This would make an awesome concept track or be perfect for the opening/closing credits if the program is ever rebooted. These are just a couple of the selections that happened to leave an impression on the site. The whole tape is winning though and it deserves to be heard for sure. So go ahead and press play. If you’re an artist looking for that fire for your next project, be sure to take note of 40’s contact info on Band Camp. -MinM

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