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3di$on F/ Natho – “Rise & Shine” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

unnamed(Photo By Sound Cloud)

3di$on is a fresh up-and-coming artist out of Sacramento, California. His style is described as a combination of feel good and consciousness. So in other words he can turn up with the best of them but can also manage to be thought provoking as well. His wavy spitting style and versatile subject matter has him pegged as a fresh unique addition to the Hip-Hop game. His goal is to get people to understand before they judge. At the moment, he is preparing his supporters for the release of his debut EP. It is coined unReal and is supposed to hit the net October 1st. The album is described as an eclectic collection of tunes that tell the story of a young Black male going through the motions as he grows up. Part of said story is the project’s third leaked single “Rise & Shine.” It features a guest appearance from Natho (Over Grind Music), was produced by Teo Beats (Keep It So Solid), and there is a video to accompany it.

The production for the record is gratifying. It is composed of: a steadfast bass, polished background elements, a mid-tempo pace, and a classic street vibe. The hook is quality. The delivery is snazzy and the lyrics are proper. The verses are first-class. 3di$on knocks out the first half of the song and Natho drives home the second half. Each artist contributes an individualized flow, likable wordplay, and efficient rhymes. The two present a certified anthem about dealing with being financially challenged and disadvantaged in today’s world. All in all, this selection is worthy of two thumbs up.

The video for the song was a collaborative venture by Natho and Photo B. The flick opens with 3di$on receiving an eviction notice and losing his job, all at the same time. Talk about bad luck. Next, the camera gives way to a television that is going through stations. The first channel features one of those shady televangelist commercials. The next channel features screenplay from popular video game Grand Theft Auto V. From there, the vision centers around 3di$on and Natho linking up to plot a way to earn some cash. They envision their own real life Grand Theft Auto situation and it quickly goes left. They then contemplate their own version of the TV preacher business as well as pimping. Neither one of those ventures pans out in their minds either. As the video winds down though, an idea finally seems to strike a real chord with 3di$on. Said idea happens to be a bank robbery. As the fellas agree on the latter scheme, the screen cuts out with a ‘To Be Continued’ message. As a whole, this was an arresting set of visuals.

**My Two Cents: I like 3di$on and what he brings to the table. He has a noteworthy style about him for sure. And his bars are pretty solid. This single was on point. The production is well done and the theme along with the content is of a relative nature. The video was the highlight for me on this one though. I thought the storyline was clever and smartly executed. Additionally, 3di$on and Natho have personality for days. They truly outdid themselves on the performance tip. I loved it and definitely would like to see the follow up piece. However, readers should come to their own conclusions by giving both the song & video a shot. So go ahead and press those play buttons. -MinM

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