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Khaleed – “Trap Dreaming”

by Miracle

unnamed(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Khaleed is a young talent from the Atlanta area. He is part of a rising collective that goes by the name of Frvr Wstd. This past weekend he released a new project titled The High Hit. A trailer for the work can be seen below. To give people an idea of what to expect from the offering, he’s been circulating a single called “Trap Dreaming.” It was produced by CAPREA$ON.

The production here is suave. The mellow base, lightweight secondary details, airy tempo, and casual vibe fuse together charmingly. The hook is respectable. The delivery is clear cut and the lyrics are straight forward. There is only one full length verse present. It is of an adequate quality. Khaleed exhibits a reasonable flow, modest wordplay, and conventional rhymes. The press for the record states that the intention behind this song was to bring a more substantial element to the Trap style by infusing it with a bit of Soul. Khaleed does a decent job of carrying out this objective. A sprinkling of memorable lines are: “Hella faded and he’s always rude. Young n—a with an attitude. He got a problem with it and authority issues to go along with his pot addiction. (…) And you wonder why he’s pissed off. Trap game scoring, so he serving like he Chris Paul. Now all he know is ball. Took it too far. All he wanted was a car. Then be pushing an Audi and s–t. Take trips out to Maui and s–t. Flying back with no money. Make it back in an hour you b—h.” Those are some valid bars right there. Overall, this is a satisfactory buzz single.

**My Two Cents: This is a legit track. I liked the production. It was definitely something different than the typical Trap sound. And the content was not too shabby either. Khaleed has a good flow. It’s very distinct. But his rhymes could have been just a little stronger. In order to truly put a new spin on something that is already established, you have to really push the levels of creativity. So adding just a hint of flair to his bars would’ve set things off perfectly. But it’s not a bad effort at all. I think readers should give it an ear. And if you like what you hear be sure to visit the provided links. -MinM

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