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2017 Top 5 New Artists: Opis

by Pooh Bailey



Introducing Opis. He began writing short stories when he was nine years old and became extremely interested in conveying a message through creative vocal imagery. At 13, he was handed a notebook that contained a battle verse written about him. He decided to write one back. From that point on a pen and a notebook became more important to Opis than food. “It became my outlet for creativity, emotions, opinions, and observations. I began my own personal revolution. Music has been the corner stone of my life for as long as I can remember. Every second of free time I had would be consumed with admiring music and appreciating the art.”


So Why Is Opis A 2017 Top 5 New Artist?

Opis is what we call a ‘prizefighter,’ someone who can battle it out for that number one spot. He is someone that can literally eat you in a song, if need be. His flow is reminiscent of the old Lupe Fiasco meets Dom Kennedy. Opis was chosen because he is one of the few artists that can hold your attention longer than a commercial. He has the potential to really put the Milwaukee Hip-Hop scene on the map. With his style and confidence, he really is here to do damage. And we can not wait. -Pooh Bailey

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