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Kid Evo – Evolution (EP Review)

by Miracle

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Evolution (iTunes)

Kid Evo is a crooner putting it down for San Marcos, Texas. He started creating music at the tender age of 12. He has a strong passion for song writing and developing unique melodies. The inspiration behind the subject matter for his tunes comes from his various life experiences. He wants his music to serve as a source of relatability that people can vibe to while going through their own situations. Throughout the course of his career Evo has been featured on major television networks such as MTV as well as nationally recognized radio stations. His fresh perspective and specialized blend of R&B/Pop is said to give him an edge over his peers. A little bit ago, he released a brand new EP entitled Evolution. It’s a seven track offering with just one lone guest appearance. The Illixer gave it a whirl and decided to break down a couple of tracks for readers. Take a peek after the break.

“You Got It”

This is the very first selection on the project. The production here is sleek. The refined bass line, complimentary supporting details, middling tempo, and breezy vibe make for an ideal pairing. The hook is decent. The vocals are pleasing and the lyrics are straightforward. The verses are solid. Kid Evo utilizes suave harmonies and flattering lyrics. He makes a hard to resist play for an attractive lady that has captured his attention. A sprinkling of lines from his pitch are: “But when I pull up, I know that these hoes yeah they gone hate on you (on you). But we gone pull up. Then we gone show out. And girl what they gone do? What they gone do? Hold up, wait. Got a couple things on my mind baby. I’m just trying to see you from behind baby. Won’t you come and roll with me? I got drink, rolling trees, I got everything you need to go ham baby.” One has to appreciate the grown & sexy essence of those lines right there. Overall, this is a quality way to kick off the album.

“City Lights”

The production here is relaxing. The quiet foundation, light weight background elements, nonchalant groove, and mellow vibe are comforting to the ears. The hook is adequate. The vocals are on point and the lyrics are endearing. The verses are gripping. Kid Evo laces the cut with expressive melodies and heartfelt lyrics. He pours out his soul to a special woman in his life in a very touching fashion. A brief excerpt from his passionate address is as follows: “You know you can’t let it all go now. And I shouldn’t of let it go down. Swear I’ll be better next time around. Cause you’re gone and I need you right back, back, back. I know those men from your past caused you pain. And you were hoping I wasn’t the same. And yes it’s true, girl I’m through with those games.” Any woman would be moved by the doting nature of those words right there. All in all, this record is a treasure.

 “Don’t Go Away”

The production here is valid. The smooth infrastructure, subdued musical ingredients, unhurried rhythm, and tranquil vibe work favorably together. The hook is good. The vocals are of a high quality and the lyrics are genuine. The verses are satisfying. Kid Evo comes through with emotional harmonies and telling lyrics. He goes through the motions of trying to mend a failed relationship while at the same time taking full responsibility for his wrong doings. Observe as he croons: “Girl, I’m just trying to show you. But you don’t wanna hear me out. Cause you tell me I’m old news. Now tell me what’s that all about? I’m looking at our picture frame. Only way I can see us together. And then I hear you call my name. Damn this Henny ain’t making it better.” One can truly feel Evo’s pain oozing from those lines right there. As a whole, this is a first-rate effort as well as a site favorite.

**My Two Cents: Evolution is a respectable EP. The production is well packaged and the content is fair. Kid Evo is gifted with the vocals. There is no question about that. Also, love the fact that there are not a lot of guest appearances on the project. He carries it just fine on his own. My only critique is that his song writing could be just a tad bit stronger. The themes that he deals with are common, so he needs to add that little extra something to make his songs truly standout. But that doesn’t take away from the collective. I definitely think readers will enjoy it, especially those who are R&B heads. So visit that iTunes link and show the Texas homie some luv. -MinM

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