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The one and only Tiki Da Poet teamed up with fellow writer StarChasr Shai Carter to pen a collaborative piece entitled “Missing You.” The selection revolves around missing a  significant other following a moment of separation within a relationship due to past demons getting in the way. Join Tiki and Star as they navigate their way through the turbulent circumstances after the break.

J-Dilla(Photo By UrbanMedia.Co)

33 1/3 is a series of books about classic albums in the music world written by a wide collective of different authors. It was launched in September of 2003 by David Barker and covers projects by a huge variety of artists from The Rolling Stones to Jame Brown. To date the series contains a total of 86 titles and is embraced worldwide by fans, artists, academic minds, etc.

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“What Justice Looks Like” (preview/purchase)

Haven’t gotten the chance to feature Milwaukee emcee/activist Gat Turner in a while. So when he reached out to share his latest offering inspired by the controversial verdict in the infamous Trayvon Martin case, decided to bring it to the site. On the evening of the 13th of this month, the world was sent into a frenzy when George Zimmerman was found not guilty on any account for his shooting of Florida youth Trayvon Martin. Some say race was a key factor in the decision while others argue that the prosecution dropped the ball in a major way. The underlying issue though was the lenient message that the verdict sent about taking a human life. A swarm of peaceful protests and other means of expression took place worldwide in response to the verdict. People wanted to express their displeasure without any more violence of any kind taking place. The ventures received lots of positive acclaim but there were a few who believed that they had a right to be upset and express themselves as well. Gat Turner falls into said group.