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Aboli$h – “Get Back Up”

by Miracle

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“Get Back Up” (preview)

Rapper Aboli$h has set free another new song from his arsenal. This one has been labeled “Get Back Up.” The production here is good. It consists of a reserved foundation, pleasant instrumentation, a measured pace, and a mellow vibe. The hook is of excellent quality. The vocals have a beautiful melody to them. The lyrics are fetching and motivational. The verses are satisfactory. Abolish presents a determined flow, traditional wordplay, and emotive rhymes. He discusses some of his struggles and failures in life while at the same time conveying the message that he won’t let those negative situations keep him down. A handful of respectable lines are: “I look into the mirror but don’t recognize whose looking back. And I only got myself to blame and that’s a f–king fact. (…) Don’t think I’ll ever find myself. Don’t think I’m coming back. How can I move forward when I’m living in the past. And the mistakes I made come back and whoop my a**. Why is it that I feel my life is simply unsurpassed. And will this pain ever stop or will it f–king last.” There is a lot of sorrow laced throughout those bars. In the end, this is another valuable track from the Wausau resident.

**My Two Cents: Once again, Aboli$h dug deep down into his personal life for the sake of his music. I have a lot of respect for him for that. He’s been through a lot yet still has hope for better times. It’s not always the simplest decision to take that kind of approach to things. I salute him for hanging in there. This song gets two thumbs up and readers should take a moment to give it a spin when they have the time. -MinM

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