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The Epitome: Redefined Edition (listen/download)

Since the last time Qewl Miles was featured on the site, he has been putting in some major work. He re-released his mixtape, The Epitome. A link to the new version can be found above. Also, he and videographer Philly Fly Boy have stepped up their work together. They created a very snazzy flick for Qewl’s smash club anthem “Pull Over.” And earlier this month they took to the West Coast for the visuals to the tape’s title track, “The Epitome.” See what the end result was after the break.

Dukalion 2012(Photo By Dukalion)

“The Truth” (listen/download)

“Exhibit” (listen/download)

First and foremost, any leader at one point had to be a good follower, or a good soldier. I also know that I carry a certain aura, I can get people’s attention and can command a room with confidence. You also have to know when to take the wheel, and when to give the directions, entrusting others with driving on the road to success. You have to have thick skin, too, and be able to react to certain things with a calm demeanor and level head.”Dukalion (On Being A Leader) / Dukalion is an offbeat thought provoking emcee who is originally from Milwaukee but currently resides in Los Angeles, California. He also happens to be a proud member of Milwaukee based Hip-Hop faction, SAFS Crew. He recently reached out to the site to provide some insight into who he is and dish on a few details about his pending debut album. Find out what was on his mind after the break.

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Front Runners Radio Takeover Parts 1 & 2

Last week Wednesday (1-23-13) saw Mid-West Minute Radio being taken over by indie Chicago label, Front Runners Inc and management company Holy Night. Both companies are ran by artist / CEO $plash!. So he kicked off the program with details on topics such as: how he got his name, splash juice, his career, and more. The rest of the show contained appearances from several artists. Goose Wayne kicked things off and let everyone in on his favorite drink, when he fell in love with rap, etc. Next, R&B songstress Precious took the air. She dished on her time in the music business, her son’s influence on her career, and the list goes on. Afterwards, Rapper / producer Willie J. Jr. hit up the show. He opened up about subjects like: what he represents, business ventures with fellow artists, controversy in the Chi; just to name a few. The takeover closed out with another R&B singer, male crooner Triple Threat. He discussed his multiple talents, shared how he stands out from the pack, his favorite tools of the trade, and a couple of other points.