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YNGA – “Livin Too Wild”

by Miracle

avatars-000060334525-dhhttz-t500x500(Photo By Lawless Family)

YNGA is an artist coming to readers from Massachusetts. His moniker is pronounced Younga and it represents the phrase ‘Young Ni—as Get it All.’ The phrase is the motto of the rapper’s lifestyle brand which revolves around being of a fresh ambitious state of mind. YNGA has been involved with music since his teens. Through the years he has gone above and beyond to study and perfect the art form via writing, learning about rhyme patterns, taking in poetry, etc. He is the VP as well as an artist on the label Jetset Music Ink which happens to also include his brother and a few close friends. He’s got a handful of solo works under his belt along with production credits for other artists. His style is described as new age and out of the ordinary; drawing comparisons to Punk Rock & Grunge Rap. His bars are said to be unrestricted, optimistic, and spruced up with lighthearted punchlines. His goal is to leave his personalized mark on the industry while at the same time bringing uniqueness, change, and empowerment to the new generation of artists.

At the moment, YNGA is hard at work putting together a new project called Wasted Youth. The project’s content will cover: anarchism, sex, drugs, and some dark life moments that the eclectic talent has experienced. His team sent over his latest track “Livin Too Wild” just this morning.

The production here is banging. The resounding bass, climactic secondary elements, intrepid tempo, and hardcore vibe fuse effortlessly together. The hook is official. The delivery is balanced and the lyrics are simple yet lasting. The verses are authentic. YNGA presents a novel flow, penetrating wordplay, and rhymes packed with turbulence. He gives the listener a vivid display of the more edgier side of his personality. A handful of lines worth putting on repeat are: “I’m a bring the gun in even if they don’t let me. Shoot that motherf–ka til it’s empty. I hop up out the car all friendly. But I dare a motherf–ka try to tempt me. N—a all my teeth got some gold in them. And all of my tees got some holes in them. In the coupe two door, still whipping. How we gone fit all the hoes in it? Old n—as scared cause the youth still rising up. Taking measurements if you criticizing us. Me and Rich still got that money piling up. I’m just hoping that my mama still proud of us.” Those are some seriously wicked bars right there. Overall, this is a high grade single.

**My Two Cents: YNGA is a very interesting artist. I like what he’s about and how he packages himself. This single is bananas. The beat is off the hook and the content slays. YNGA has a great execution and his bars are mint. Readers need to check this out pronto without question. I will definitely be keeping up with YNGA and featuring him more on the site. Those interested can stay connected to the Massachusetts star too via: Facebook (see above), Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. -MinM

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