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YC The Cynic – “Night Thoughts” (Video)

by Miracle

yc cynic(Photo By Google Images)

Bronx emcee YC The Cynic just dropped a very peculiar set of visuals for a single of his titled “Night Thoughts.” The song itself is set to an atypical production with quirky musical components, a median tempo, and a favorable vibe. The production was provided courtesy of Yuri Beats. There is also a haunting sample of female vocals in the mix that substitute for a hook. The vocals fit the tune nicely and add on to the unorthodox feel of the record. YC The Cynic makes a viable contribution as well. He comes with a clear cut flow, notable wordplay, and choice rhymes. Overall, this is an intriguing and succinct track.

The video was done by Breeze Embalm. It stars a young lady by the name of Ajaye Hill. The opening of the flick sees Ms. Hill as she is making her way home after a night out. Her surroundings are dark and give off a creepy sensation. She arrives home and ultimately fumbles her way into bed. From there, various figures sporting the seriously eerie bunny mask from the movie Donnie Darko start to appear in various parts of her living quarters. YC himself is one of the masked individuals. Hill does not seem to be aware of her visitors until she suddenly springs awake towards the end of the visual and comes face to face with one perched on her bed. The piece concludes with a quick live clip from Donnie Darko and a bit of promotion. As a whole, this is a very attention grabbing number.

**My Two Cents: I am just now starting to dive into YC The Cynic and his music. So I was excited to check out this song/video. They did not disappoint. Both were very different but likeable at the same time. I especially loved the Donnie Darko element of the video. It is a very bizarre motion picture and I think the essence of it goes perfectly with the theme of the single. YC, Breeze, and Ajaye worked well together. Readers should definitely check this out when they have a few minutes to spare. -MinM

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