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World Is Yours Entertainment Presents – “We Go Hard” (Video)

by Miracle

(Photo By Facebook)

World Is Yours Entertainment is a familiar name to the site and the Milwaukee Hip-Hop scene. The local company is one of the biggest names in the Southside movement. For a good while now they have been teaming up with another well respected name in the game, Sinista New Breed, for all types of ventures. Amongst said ventures is music videos of course. The latest visuals from the partnership is for a suave hood track called, “We Go Hard.” Cast a glance at the project below.


Sinista New Breed cultivated this video as hinted to above. The World Is Yours Entertainment artists that perform the track are Semi, Gually, and Stone Henge Pauly Black. The flick centers around the duo out and about with their World Is Yours Entertainment crew in various scenarios around the Mil. One of the most notable settings is club Notte. The scenes from the club standout because they contain live footage from Sinista’s exclusive birthday bash. Everybody was in good spirits and had tons of energy. So the shots from the party are very fun and animated. The video ends with a fashionable salute to the 414. As a whole, this was a worthwhile project.

**My Two Cents: This song and video are both legit. The song delivers from start to finish, especially the hook. It is just too slick. And the video came together nicely. Sinista assembled everything with a very pristine and expert touch. Salute to the fellas. They all make a great team. -MinM

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