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Kal’L F/ Lady SabO & Awol – “Who I Am”

by Miracle

(Photo By Kal’L)

“Who I Am” (listen/download)

Kal’L is going for the title of the hardest working man in R&B. He has the new music dropping every two weeks, the cover videos dropping every two weeks, and this week he kicked off his first ever “Collabo Week.” He’s reached out to some of the hottest rappers in Milwaukee to team up with him for some fly tunes. And he’s been dropping the finished products EVERY DAY this week. Thus far he has worked with Lou E Motto, Son ‘Em All, and Beanz. Tonight’s release features the feisty Lady SabO and popular underground emcee Awol. The track has been dubbed “Who I Am” and it stands out because it shows off a different side of the passionate crooner.

The nature of this song was inspired by a local cypher that Kal’L participated in hosted by local radio personality Lexi Trenee. The production here is fierce. It’s composed of light-weight R&B elements with just enough street flavor to give it a little edge. The hook is of high-end quality. The vocal work is savvy and the lyrics are raw. The verses are exquisite. Kal’L shows out on the first verse, Lady SabO does the female emcees justice on the second verse, and Awol knocks it out the park on the third. All three talents had shining executions with stern yet top-shelf lyrics. However, Kal steals the show and not just because it’s his track. It’s due to the fact that he stepped way outside of his comfort zone and owned it. He informs: “I don’t just do this to tell my friends that I do it. Here to change what you think is the definition of music. And I don’t give a f–k what stage I’m on. Not gonna stop until I rock them all. I’m on a mission to make your girl fall in love with me.” Pretty cheeky words from the usually reserved and romantic singer. Overall, this track is a hit and the strongest collab of the week. All three artists should be proud of this one.

**My Two Cents: This was a great look for Kal’L. Of course everybody likes their R&B singers to be emotional, romantic, etc. But it’s nice for them to explore their gutter sides every once in a while too. Kal’L promises to try and incorporate his into his music a little bit more in the future. I am certainly looking forward to it. And once readers give this song an ear, they will be too. Also, don’t forget that Kal’L will be performing live at local venue 618 Live On Water at the end of the month. The Illixer will be in the building for sure, so come out and support. Event details can be found here. -MinM

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