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Will Vill – “Get Fresh” (Produced By Chaze of Grim Team Inc.)

by Miracle

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“Get Fresh”

Will Vill is a rapper on the rise from New York. Vill started seeing success early in his career with his track “Devil In A Blue Dress.” The quality of his music earned Vill recognition and performances with some highly respected emcees like: Mos Def, The Roots, etc. Also, he got the attention of major publications as well. Those publications include Esquire and the New York Times. Vill rode the waves of his early success and released a debut album entitled The Arrival. The project received extremely positive reviews and has been dubbed an underground classic. Vill’s career continued to new heights last year as his singles begin to rank high in Hip-Hop and R&B charts. With a few mixtapes under his belt and a hunger for the crown, Will Vill is determined to take over the game and get respect via hard work and dedication. Currently, his latest single “Get Fresh” is helping him to achieve said goal. The single is making strong debuts in radio markets nationwide and the video won the “Freshman” award from mtvU. Click the jump to check out a review of the award winning track.

Vill’s goal with this track was to inspire people to become better versions of themselves. The reasoning is because he states that is what he felt like doing when he heard the beat for the first time. The song was produced by Chaze of Grim Team Inc. The production here is good. It has a low bass line, some light sound effects, and a relaxed vibe. The hook is quality too. Vill has an upbeat tone to his delivery and the lyrics are simple yet on point. Also, they have a catchy appeal about them. The verses are decent. Vill came with a clean flow and fresh sharp rhymes. He did a nice job of speaking on self-improvment with skillful and creative wordplay. He definitely accomplished his goal of creating an uplifting track that does away with negativity. Overall, this song is a hit and it’s easy to understand why the video won the mtvU award. Readers can check out the video here and learn more about Will Vill via his website.

**My Two Cents: I love Vill’s flow. He has such a refreshing way about him. I definitely understand why he has seen so much success. If he keeps up the hard work and quality material, he is for sure destined for big things. Stay tuned for an upcoming interview with the talented New York native. -MinM

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