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Trunk Bussa F/ Cash B & RockzSolid – “Walk Away”

by Miracle

(Photo By Sound Cloud)

“Walk Away”

Local rapper Trunk Bussa of the Dope Beats Fam Gang recently dropped a hot new track. The track is a collaboration with fellow artists RockzSolid of Brewed Fresh Records, LLC and Cash B. The production here is exceptional. The low pitch, consistent rhythm, and light musical elements come together to create a smooth tranquil vibe. The hook is good. The delivery has a unique melodic flavor to it and the lyrics are purposeful. The verses are superior. Cash B starts things off, beloved femcee RockzSolid  comes in on the second verse, and the homie Trunk Bussa takes it home. All three artists came with reserved flows that match the beat perfectly, adequate wordplay, and gripping rhymes. The trio really dug deep to convey some profound insight about life to the listener. Since she did such a wonderful job of holding her own with the fellas, the highlight lines come from Rockz: “And look how far I’ve came. No more materialistic, mentality shifting. My fears at a distance. My dreams realistic. My future uplifting. And all because I can’t go nowhere but up.  The world has built me tough. And this hood has raised me rough. And if that just ain’t enough, then my will and my drive are gonna be my extra clutch.” Nice intimate lines from Rockz right there. Overall, this track is winning and a real treat for fans of the artists. Make sure you head on over to Sound Cloud to give it a listen and download. And catch Trunk live on the air tonight via W.D.B.F.G. Street Gossip Radio. The show runs from 7 – 9pm Central Standard time.

**My Two Cents: I dig this cut. It has substance and meaning behind it. Also, I think it contains a lot of thoughts and ideas that people will be able to feel and connect to. Much love to Trunk Bussa and Rockz for sharing the song with The Illixer. -MinM

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