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(Photo By HipHopDX.Com)

“So Good” (via Ivy Awino)

Atlanta rapper B.o.B has been on a roll lately as the time for the release of his sophomore album Strange Clouds draws closer. Since the release of the upcoming album’s title track, the rapper has been receiving high praise for his new music. His latest offering is no different. Recently, B.o.B dropped the Ryan Tedder produced track “So Good.”  The production is great. It has an uptempo pace and a cheerful vibe. The hook is solid. B.o.B has interesting vocals and enticing lyrics. The verses are on point. B.o.B utilizes his signature flow, witty wordplay, and grade A rhymes. He does a compelling job of selling the perfect get away. Any lady would feel lucky to receive such an offer from the rapper. But this comes as no shocker, as B.o.B proved with his debut that he has no problem charming the opposite sex. Overall, this song is a hit. It’s fun, upbeat, and is just an all around pleasure to listen to. Strange Clouds hits retailers May 1, 2012. So mark that date and be sure to snag a copy. While you wait, check out the countdown going on over at B.o.B’s website.

“Strange Clouds” serves as the debut single off of Atlanta favorite B.o.B‘s sophomore album. The single has gotten rave reviews and has created quite the anticipation for the upcoming project which will also be titled Strange Clouds. The video for the track dropped earlier this week. Will it measure up to the high bar set by the single? Check it out below to find out and read the review after the jump.