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Synik & Rod McCoy – “Price Of Success”

by Miracle

PR(Photo By Rod McCoy)

Rod McCoy (Audible Hustle Enterainment) has brought the focus back around to his collaboration album with fellow artist Synik, Selah. The project is slated to drop in September and is available for pre-order for a limited time only at just $1. That is a steal, so go ahead and take advantage by hitting up Band Camp. To revamp the campaign, the ATL based talent is circulating a single titled “Price Of Success.” It was produced by Virginia native ManHe. ManHe happens to specialize in working with drum patterns as well as classic and rare samples. Find out how what he cooked up for the southern duo panned out after the break.

This song kicks off with a clip from veteran Hip-Hop artist Busta Rhymes. It’s a nostalgic bit about the unyielding work ethic and priorities of the late great Biggie Smalls. From there, the production kicks in full force. The production turned out alluring. It is made up of: a discreet drum pattern, mild subsidiary elements, an undemanding tempo, and a companionable vibe. There is no direct hook on this cut. The fellas just make it a point to mention the title occasionally. The verses are toned. Rod McCoy & Synik indulge in a well-groomed trade off. Rod McCoy takes care of the first and third verses. Synik holds it down on the second and fourth. Each artist offers up an unique tangible flow, prime wordplay, and durable rhymes. They give the listener their own personal takes on prioritizing and work vs. play when it comes to being in the music business. A snippet of Rod McCoy’s perspective includes: “Put my picture on the billboard. Real large, asking n—as what they fear for. We only been doing this s–t for a couple years. Trying to keep it moving. Never to get stuck in gear. There’s no direction or moves to make provided. We studied the game like students up in college. Online, don’t got no guidance. I’m lying I got my conscience. Long as I got God, n—a I got it.” Those are some prolific bars right there. As a whole, this is a substantial effort.

**My Two Cents: This was a nice cut. It’s a slightly different look for the duo as well. It’s a smart change of pace from their usual smooth street recreational themed selections. Even though they shine in that regard too. It never hurts to switch things up. I feel readers will agree and should check out the track pronto. And don’t forget to hit up Band Camp and lock in the pre-order for $1. That’s not bad at all for an entire project of dope tunes. I’m about to go make it happen myself. -MinM

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