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Synik & Rod McCoy – “AHE”

by Miracle

artworks-000086957923-c47drm-t500x500(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Last week Rod McCoy unleashed the final leak off of Selah, his upcoming collaboration project with his homie Synik. It’s a fitting ode to his brand Audible Hustle Entertainment dubbed “AHE” that was produced by VenoTheBuilder of San Antonio, Texas. Rod apparently caught some inspiration during a short stay in the lone star state and things unfolded from there. The saying goes that the best is saved for last. See if that rings true for this track after the break.
The production here is civilized. The arcadian bass, nonchalant secondary musical details, strolling tempo, and nonabrasive vibe make for a first-class composite. The hook is rewarding. The delivery is pronounced and the lyrics are thoughtfully crafted. The verses are concrete. Synik regulates the first part of the single and Rod McCoy carries the second part. The duo each chip in well defined flows, demonstrative wordplay, and ripened rhymes. They do a flattering job of paying tribute to their collective and imprint. A few exalted lines from AHE head honcho Rod McCoy are: “Assembled the clan back in 2010. And I remember when we started this up nobody was f–king with us or bumping our cuts. But now we eating so good I might let my tummy get tucked. You might let your woman get f–ked inadvertently. Walking around like you don’t notice me. Only smoke weed but I mentally hold the key. Said that we wouldn’t amount to s–t. But now we pitching that dope. We standing on top of a mound of it.” Those are some sanctioned bars right there. Overall, this was a gracious way to close out the early releases part of the Selah campaign.
**My Two Cents: I think this was a fitting track leak. The content was proficiently executed and it gave listeners a taste of what the Audible Hustle Entertainment name is all about. The production was good too. Veno developed a very appropriate sound for the self proclaimed country cousins. Selah is due out in September. But don’t wait until then to support. Hit the provided link above and get your pre-order in now. -MinM

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