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Super Ego Presents: “Super Smash Flows”

by Miracle

artworks-000065644252-mumvqc-t500x500(Photo By Kemical)

“Super Smash Flows” (preview) F/ Super Ego, Bent Halo, Ron Donson, John Doe, Big Herc, TheKeenOne, SID, Lyriscologist, Knowshun

Rapper/producer Super Ego decided to take a break from the cause and put together another fun mass collaboration track. He gathered up nine eclectic artists including SID from Slipknot and they decided to pay tribute to the beloved past time of video-games. They indulged in a bit of nostalgia and utilized a Super Mario Bros influenced style  for the sound. The track was produced by Super Ego of course with engineering done by Paczero. The production turned out awesomely. The abundant foundation, aforementioned sampled game elements, trendy rhythm, and carefree vibe work seamlessly together. There is no hook used on this record. The changeover between the emcees goes off without a hitch. All nine rappers delivered for sure. They each contributed an original flow, deviceful wordplay, and first-class rhymes. They nailed the theme like it was nothing. The various game related references and metaphors are very notable. All in all, this was a grand innovative selection.

**My Two Cents: This was a really neat idea. I especially got a kick out of it since I too enjoy video games. All of the artists involved really tapped into their imaginative sides and the production was refreshing. It would be cool to see a set of visuals established for this cut. The right videographer could really make something epic. If readers are feeling the song they can check Super Ego out on Facebook. He also has a dope new website up and running that can be viewed here. -MinM

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