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Strange Tang EPK (Video)

by Miracle

305528_2ecfcd397b7c10bce6a9c9a10fa86d4f.jpg_srz_1065_709_85_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srz(Photo By IHeartStrangeTang.Com)

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Readers have had the privilege of hearing quite a bit of music from well rounded Southern duo Strange Tang. So thought it would be fitting if they got to know them a little bit better on a more personal note. They recently sent over their electronic press kit via video format. Check out the fellas giving you the rundown on what they are all about below.

This video was packaged together by Matthew Berger of Project 8 Productions. It starts off with the guys introducing themselves and letting the viewer in on where they call home. From there, they break down their histories as well as their perspectives on their art. Next, the viewer gets to witness clips of the guys in action. So everything from music video snippets to live performance footage is shown. They go on to discuss the significance of their tunes which is followed by more footage of them on their grind. They delve into a couple of other topics as well, like their current project StrangeLand and their desires for the future. They end the EPK by sharing their social networking/web info and giving a sound tidbit of advice. Overall, this was an extremely charmingly done press kit.

**My Two Cents: I got a real kick out of watching this. I feel like I gained a new appreciation for Strange Tang and their music because I got to see them from their own standpoint. They conducted themselves in a very intelligent professional fashion while at the same time remaining down to earth. Which really added to their likeability factor. And the viewer can tell that the fellas are passionate and genuine about their craft. Which will help move people to want to lend their support. Readers should spare five minutes to glance at this for sure. Then head on over to the group’s website for: music, additional videos, photos, and more. -MinM

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