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EL F/ Klassik – “Elevation”

by Miracle

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“Elevation” F/ Klassik (listen/download)

Ladies and gentlemen, meet EL. EL is an artist from right here on the home-front (Milwaukee) in his early twenties. He describes himself as a lyricist who makes Hip-Hop/Alternative music. Recently, he sent over some material pertaining to his latest project, Elevation. Decided to share the title track with readers which happens to boast a guest appearance from the infamous Klassik. And Derelle Rideout worked the boards on this one.

The production here is fabulous. It is made up of a super sleek infrastructure, gentle groovy musical components, a complimentary rhythm, and a meditative vibe. The hook is flawless. Klassik provides five star quality vocals and the lyrics are expressive. The verses are becoming. EL presents a quiet flow, genuine wordplay, and rewarding rhymes. He takes the listener through the dream chaser’s journey of going from the bottom of the spectrum to the very top. Some lines to be aware of are: “Andy Warhols on my living room wall just remind me how different my persona is from y’alls. (…) Got the stereo banging like I am from out of Compton. I flew in from this comet. And right now this is my moment. I’ve been waiting for this. And yeah I know a lot of fans anticipating on this. Don’t give a flying f–k. Cause all that bulls–t is for the birds. And this year I lost more than I f–king deserve.” EL opened the track in a strong individualized manner with those bars. Overall, this offering is an unique gem.

**My Two Cents: This was a really refreshing cut as well as a pleasing introduction to EL and his music. I loved the production. Derelle is becoming one of my favorite producers. EL made a shining contribution. And Klassik did an excellent job as per usual. I believe readers will find the single worthy of four minutes of their time too. So hit that link and check it out. For those who do like it, they can listen to the rest of the Elevation mixtape via the link in the beginning of the post. -MinM

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