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Southern Hospitality: T Post F/ Jabajaw Staks – “Gas”

by Miracle

1616755_668653549852018_1421536406_n(Photo By T Post)

“Gas” F/ Jabajaw Staks ( listen/download)

It’s been a while since the site heard from it’s Tennessee affiliate T Post. He’s been going pretty hard on the musical tip as of late and recently sent over one of the singles that he’s been pushing. It’s titled “Gas” and features fellow artist Jabajaw Staks. The production here is quality. The deep rooted bass, strict secondary ingredients, labored pace, and dramatic vibe blend together well. The hook is fair. The delivery is engaging but slightly muffled. A little work on enunciation would clear the issue right up. And the lyrics are memorable. The verses are customary. T Post warms things up on the first half of the record and Jabajaw Staks lights up the second. Each artist comes with an accent laced flow, solid wordplay, and familiar rhymes. They provide a suitable anthem for sparking one up. A few notable lines from Staks include: “We came through just to f–k with yo squad. But y’all n—as ain’t trying to get hot. We got the Sour Diesel, and that Blue Dream, and that Purple Haze that’ll have you dazed. And got you spending ya change. You working minimum wage. You can’t pay ya bills. You working double shifts just to smoke spliff. N—as like me I stay equipped.” Those bars depict the established theme consummately. Overall, this is a valid effort.

**My Two Cents: I like the fact that T Post is exploring all sides of the music world. This song was not too shabby at all. I’m not a smoker but this was an alright track. I got a kick out of the production and the content was fitting. T Post and Jabajaw Staks make a nice team. Be sure to take a moment to visit their respective Facebook Pages to see what else they have to offer. -MinM

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