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Phat A Crack Is Back! (Getting To Know Phat T)

by Miracle

phat t

Here in Milwaukee there lives a Hip-Hop artist that goes by the name of Phat T. He is not seen performing at the weekly showcases that are held around the city. He doesn’t rap about money, swag, or materialistic ideals. He’s opened for Riff Raff on the main stage of The Rave and has performed on numerous other stages across the Mid-West region of the United States.  In the complete sense of the term, Phat T is an independent artist and proud of it. He has worked with many of the “underground” artists in the Hip-Hop community such as: Critta, Majik Duce, and Dubbs while remaining basically unnoticed by the majority of those within the local music scene.

His lyrical ability is fast paced and heavy hitting; delivering punchline after punchline over a wide variety of instrumental styles. Add this together and it becomes increasingly harder to label Phat T and place him in his sub-genre of Hip-Hop. As found on his Sound Cloud, he lists three ambitious projects that he is currently working on, along with planning his first regional tour. Phat T has continued to develop his brand and increase his fan base by monopolizing the social media lifestyle of this generation and by communicating with blogs and independent media sources to speak directly to the people. Check out his music via the above link or you can pay a visit to his YouTube Channel.  He completely fits the definition of a true artist on the rise. ~Biggz

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