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Sonick – “Black Truck” (Video Premiere)

by Pooh Bailey

“I’m just riding in that Black Truck. N*iggas slipping that’s ya a** bruh.” Milwaukee’s own Sonick, just released his highly anticipated video for his track “Black Truck.” If the highly repetitive phrase: “Turn off all the lights, and my ice shines bright;” were a video director, it would’ve directed this video. The concept of this video is really simple. A black truck riding through the darkest of nights. The only light you see is the headlights and the lights of Sonick’s chain and sunglasses.

This concept is dope and bothersome at the same time. It’s dope because it has this mysterious vibe that something is about to pop off. It’s bothersome because the dark lighting goes in & out, making Sonick visible and invisible at the same time. All in all though, this video is the perfect mystery to the perfect ride out song. Once again, Sonick steps up to the plate and hits a home-run. And that’s easy to do when you just riding in that black truck, cats slipping and that’s another post, bruh. –Pooh Bailey

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