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J.O.S.E. – “Think It Over” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

J.O.S.E. is the man behind the CTM (Changing Tha Musik) brand that has brought to life videos by some of your favorite artists. His brand is all about unity and making a difference in music. He’s been in the game since the late 90’s. He’s experienced a lot over the years, including being signed to various labels and working with some of the top names in Atlanta’s music scene. He’s acquired the skills of: recording, producing, mixing, and of course filming/editing. He utilizes his various talents to set himself and his crew apart from his peers. He recently reached out to the site with the submission of his single/video “Think It Over.”

“Think It Over” is a track produced by Ceaser Beats. The tune is set to a very smooth instrumental with a soulful sample blended flawlessly throughout. There is also a sleek old school vibe at work that takes the listener’s experience to another level. There is no hook present on this track just a slight break in between verses that allows the listener to groove for a bit. The verses here are inventive. J.O.S.E. pays homage to his fellow 414 artists by referencing their monikers/brands with a distinct raspy flow, favorable wordplay, and reflective rhymes. He shares engaging details pertaining to his perspective on life as well as some of his own personal experiences. All in all, this is a legitimate record.

As mentioned, there is a video component to “Think It Over.” The visual is filmed by C. Ash and edited by CTM Films. The premise for the flick is pretty straight forward. The camera basically just follows J.O.S.E. as he treks throughout the city and does his thing. The viewer can tell that he’s in his element as his mannerisms come off as very natural and at ease. Additionally the shots, angles, transitions, etc, are are all of a very clean quality. The piece concludes with a fading glimpse of J.O.S.E. shooting pool before going into a brief promo clip. As a whole, this is an efficient representation of the tune.

**My Two Cents: J.O.S.E. makes a good first impression with this submission. I dig his flow and his pen game is on point. I love the fact that he shows love to his peers. The Milwaukee music scene can be very negative at times. So it’s extremely refreshing to have someone demonstrating positivity thru their platform. And the video is cool too. I like the simple day in the life of kind of vibe that’s going on. Plus, the camera work is very professional. I believe readers will enjoy “Think It Over” just as much as I did and I can’t wait to bring future content from the 414 talent to the site. -MinM

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