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Shawn Guala – “Street Lights And Concrete” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

received_928569267232277(Photo By Shawn Guala)

Shawn Guala is a name that was briefly mentioned on the site before in conjunction with Heather Marie and her #ISupport series. He is a Milwaukee native by way of the South-side. He is a talent influenced by the likes of his more conscious mainstream peers such as Tupac, Kendrick Lamar, and J. Cole just to name a few. He has graced his fair share of venues throughout the city and is currently working on a couple of different projects to drop on the world in the near future. He reached out to the site with a very powerful video for his single “Street Lights and Concrete.”

“Street Lights and Concrete” is produced by RicandThadeus. It is of a subdued nature. It features a quiet base, conservative background elements, a moderate tempo, and a weighted vibe. The hook is striking. The deep voiced delivery & lighter harmonies work well together and the lyrics are meaningful. The verses are quality. Shawn Guala provides a customary flow, adequate wordplay, and raw lyrics. He paints a harrowing picture of what it’s like to endure the turmoil of everyday life. As a whole, this is a compelling number. It is slated to appear on Shawn Guala’s upcoming solo effort, The Road Less Traveled.

The video for the record is even more gripping. It is shot by 2Much Movement Studios. The story-line for the flick is a reflection of the real life tragedies that have been occurring throughout Milwaukee as of late. In a very smart and creative twist, it displays Shawn watching various unfortunate ordeals unfold with himself as the victim. It is a metaphorical call to the viewer to place themselves in these fatal scenarios in an attempt to prompt people to help bring about change before it actually does hit home. His purpose is to emphasize the fact that violence should not be tolerated under any circumstances. The vision concludes with a touching tribute to those who have lost their lives to these senseless acts. It should be noted that local artists: Inferno, B.U., Son Em’ All, and ILL Versez all make cameo appearances within the visuals. Overall, this is a very stirring vision.

**My Two Cents: It’s no secret that I love music with a message. “Street Lights And Concrete” has one that resonates quite strongly with me. I live in one of the many areas where a lot of the violence takes place and I work in a facility where I see one of the outcomes of the brutality first hand. It is truly heartbreaking and I have mad respect for Shawn Guala for using his gifts to bring attention to the matter. The song is nicely done in all aspects. And the video is brilliant. It may be a little troubling to watch due to the approach but it makes a very strong impact. A great effort in the non-violence movement for sure. Readers need to watch & listen asap. -MinM

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