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Coexist Music – “Bang Bang” (Song & Video)

by Pooh Bailey

Coexist Image 1(Photo By Coexist Music Group)

Meet Kimani, Surrency, King Caesar, and Charlie Radical better known as Coexist Music Group. A group of teenagers representing the DMV area with a style they define as ‘Modern Retro.’ Which basically means they put a new school flavor on old school elements. With a growing networking movement to get: their name, image, and message out there, Coexist Music has dropped their first music video “Bang Bang.” Shot in Baltimore by Carlton Colby Designs, the video represents the idea that when people don’t acknowledge you, all you have to do is just believe in yourself and put your all into your craft.

Off top this video is wicked. At first glance it looks like the typical ‘under the bridge, in the alley’ video. However, it is not. I like how they are invisible but their clothes are not. It gives you a The Invisible Man meets Battle Rap type of feel. The actual song is really nice too. It’s just not the track I would introduce myself to the world with. Don’t get me wrong, the song is good. But when it’s your very first track you have to make a huge statement. The video does that but the song falls a bit short. But judging by their overall artwork, Coexist Music has a bright future ahead of them. “Bang Bang” truly is a solid record with a dope visual to match. I just hope their next effort reflects their tremendous potential that is clearly there. – Pooh Bailey

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