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Serge Severe – “The Bottom Line” (Video)

by Miracle

Serge bottim line image 2(Photo By Serge Severe)

Portland Hip-Hop artist Serge Severe is new to The Illixer but has been making noise everywhere else over the last couple of years. He’s toured Europe, rocked stages with the greats from Rakim to The Pharcyde, been featured in Red Bull’s  “On The Come Up” column, and more. His latest accomplishment includes a collaborative EP with producer 5th Sequence entitled Boom Bap & Bars Volume 1, and he’s given the people a visual for a track off of the project called “The Bottom Line.”

5th Sequence handles the production of course and the groove is something serious. There is a warped sample layering the background with a hella funked bass-line. The drum loop definitely keeps up with the theme of the project because it is serious boom bap at it’s best. Every eight bars, 5th drops in a soul vocal and while it lasts less than a second, it builds on the classic aura of the track.

Serge’s topic of choice on this quick one is really focused on one thing – letting us know that most rappers aren’t coming with it like he is. He keeps his flow and delivery smooth and down-to-earth as he raps like he is having a conversation with us. The part that catches my attention is when the wordplay picks up as he spits: “My verses crush my foes like a real weapon will. Weapon would, bet you would, never should ever ever ever bet against me. Put your dirty money on it, Diddy should invest see. There’s good stock in ya boy like Dow Jones.” He had bars for sure throughout the entire track.

The video was directed by Sam Lingle. The shots find Serge surrounded by gritty backdrops that belong with the rugged Hip-Hop track. The effects were kept to a minimum and let alley walls and scattered rubbish add to the feel of the visual. I loved the contrast of bright daylight with the idea of a Hip-Hop ghost-town. It works perfectly with the overall message of the song and comes together nicely.

**Final Thoughts: Overall, it’s a great track with some nice visuals to match. Not too many effects but enough neatly placed shots to adequately tell the story. The bottom line – Serge Severe might not be the most flashy artist ever, but he can rap and he’s good at it. -Real McCoy

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