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Retro I$ Awesome – “Cuban Linx”

by Miracle

unnamed(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Retro I$ Awesome is an up-and-coming artist based out of New Jersey. His style is described as modern with the occasional nod to his 90’s upbringing thrown into the mix. His lyrics are labeled as elaborate. He has a strong web presence with supporters & plays on numerous sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, etc. Also, he has performed in a variety of venues in the North-East region of the United States as well as opened up for big named acts like Que and Future. This year he branched out into the Southern region of the map when he performed at SXSW. His aspirations are to get people to view him as a serious force in the music game and to bring back authenticity to Hip-Hop. Currently he is on the brink of releasing his sophomore EP, Cuban Linx. There is no release date for the album yet but rumor has it that it’s complete and could drop at any time now. To introduce readers to Retro, his camp sent over the title track to his pending project.

“Cuban Linx” is produced by KeyFlo. The production here is blazing. The dramatic framework, no-nonsense secondary elements, median tempo, and severe vibe make for a superior brew. The hook is finely crafted. The delivery has personality and the lyrics are fly. The verses are first-rate. Retro I$ Awesome exhibits a flow that is hard to ignore, brazen wordplay, and polished rhymes. He basically does a bit of grandstanding for the listener’s pleasure. A couple of favorable lines include: “I got ya ex chic trying to be my next chic. And she gone be here soon as this one hit the exit. I got a shorty on my line, she a bunny but she into chocolate. I saved her in my phone as Nesquik. Gold chain, gold watch, and my teeth gold. I’m getting paid in full watching for the RICO. N—as think they some animals til they say they wanna battle me, now I pull up in the spot new mink coat.” Those are some ingenious bars right there. Overall, this is a top shelf first leak.

**My Two Cents: I was digging this track from the minute I pressed play. The beat was hot and Retro snapped with the content. He has a signature flow and he’s ill with the way he puts his words together. The press for this track said it was not to be slept on and I agree 100%. New Jersey has a true spitter in their midst with Retro. Readers need to check him out asap. Also, be sure to take a look at the above promo trailer for the EP while you’re at it. The video is brief and includes clips from a beloved hood classic. -MinM

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