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Sean Smart – “Light Poles”

by Miracle

C29F0BB3-BC84-4377-9AAC-7934C0695647(Photo By Michael Wessel / Graphics by Sean Smart)

Sean Smart is keeping his newfound momentum going with his third official release from his upcoming self-titled collective which is due out sometime this Fall. The single is dubbed “Light Poles” and it is produced by TRiLL GATE$.

The production here is innovative. The rooted framework, aerial background elements, easy going pace, and tranquil vibe make for a satisfying mixture for the ears. The hook is a treasure. The delivery is effortless and the lyrics are compelling. The verses are commendable. Sean Smart provides a token flow, authentic wordplay, and sufficient rhymes. He seems to speak from a more personable standpoint which is not a side of the young rapper that is unveiled too often. Absorb as he spits: “See I don’t know where I’m going. But you best believe that I’ll make it there. Spark a b, now I’m zoning. Keep my head high. I don’t need to say a prayer. I’m the sky-walker. The stu is my lair. Fly talker, in the booth I’m the mayor. All these rappers they can not compare. Give me the belt cause I am the conveyor.” The confidence and finesse in those bars right there make quite the impression. All in all, this selection definitely upholds the old adage that the third time is a charm.

**My Two Cents: Sean Smart’s self-titled project is shaping up to be something special. I think this third release is my favorite so far. It has an air of difference to it in all aspects. Additionally, I appreciate the slightly toned down nature that is displayed in the content. It lends to Sean’s versatility factor which is already pretty strong. A cool black & white video would’ve set this off just right. Readers need to tune into this record for sure. I can’t wait to hear what’s next. -MinM

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