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Ryan Serene – “Work”

by Miracle

SONY DSC(Photo By Ryan Serene)

“Work” (listen/download)

Chicago emcee Ryan Serene and producer King Art are back at it again. This time around the duo have created a track called “Work.” The production here is solid. It is composed of: a consistent foundation with a dominant knock, quirky secondary musical elements, a light unyielding tempo, and a persistent vibe. The hook is decent. The delivery is earnest and the lyrics are forthright. The verses are customary. Ryan executes a heightened flow, personalized wordplay, and introspective rhymes. He bares his soul to the listener as he comments on the ongoing battles that he faces within his music career and private life. But Ryan isn’t looking for sympathy. Instead he’s out to demonstrate to his supporters that he has an extremely strong desire to be successful and is willing to push through any obstacles in order to be triumphant. A few lines worth spotlighting are: “I struggle with this s–t man. Not sure who I’m supposed to be. Fantasy and reality. Two worlds I’m torn between. Honestly, I’m exhausted. Don’t feel like I got much left. No room for error now. But I’ll meet death before I quit. My will admire it. My strength inspiring. Cause even in my darkest days I never opt to retiring.” Those bars flawlessly convey the theme of this record. All in all, this was a bona-fide single.

**My Two Cents: Ryan Serene and King Art have just been on a roll lately. The duo have nailed the formula between artist and producer. I liked this song. The realness that Ryan provides in his content is what appealed to me the most. Especially, the bit about his music career. Chasing your dream is not always a glamorous venture. And King Art did a fair job on the beat too. It was a little more eccentric than his previous offerings though. Be sure to check out the provided link to see what else Ryan has going on. -MinM

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