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Ry – Slickest Baren (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

(Photo By Ry)

Slickest Baren (listen/download)

Ry is Chicago bred emcee who is known for his clever wordplay and complex syllable rhyming. Last month he dropped his sophomore mixtape titled Slickest Baren. The tape is said to be unique due to the fact that it incorporates a variety of content and surplus of different flows. Let’s keep that in mind while exploring a few tracks.

“Get By”

This song samples the hit of the same name by the one and only Talib Kweli. The production is identical to the original. No hook is executed on this song. The solitary verse is dope. Ry offers up a rapid flow, slick wordplay, and deft rhymes. He gives the listener a healthy taste of his skills in this quick one minute piece. Overall, this was a fresh freestyle to a classic Hip-Hop tune.

“How To Kill A Rapper” F/ Jae The Dream

The production here is hot.  It contains a harsh bass, eerie background elements, and an unnerving vibe. The hook is great too. The delivery is peculiar and the lyrics are intense. The verses are quality. Both artists come with engaging flows, acute wordplay, and premium rhymes. They put together a winning formula for dealing with a certain type of rapper. Noteworthy lines include: “You ain’t a rapper. You a f–king candy w(r)apper. That study real gangstas pretending to be a trapper. Yo girl and young child in Indianapolis. I’m a kidnap her. Won’t smack her. Believe me I’m gone tie her up and drag her. Linebacker like Brian Urlacher. A tape her mouth and feed her apple while a n—a f–king mac(k) her.” Brutal yet sick spitting going on in those lines right there. In the end, this is a slightly controversial yet banging track.

“Class Of Rappers” F/ Skeeter

The production here is an attention grabber. The opera style secondary vocals and dramatic core result in a lively vibe. The hook is fire. The delivery is energetic. The lyrics are boss: “See the fact of the matter is the fact is what matters. We a nice faction of rappers. Probably be a factor after. This ain’t a act for the cameras. We luxury like an Acura. The cameras ain’t really capture this new class of rappers;” those lines go hard. The verses are insane too. Each artist presents a dynamic flow and top notch rhymes. They go in from start to finish, proving without a doubt that they are at the head of the pack in this rap game. Ry spits: “Not too long ago they threw layers of shame. Til I came out the blue. Like new players after the game. And overdosed on theses lines like actors after the fame. What up world? Get ready to know my name.” Those lines are brief but still ill. All in all, this song is a smash and the favorite off of the tape.

“Dead Presidents”

This joint samples “Dead Presidents” by Jay Z. And Hov’s track uses a clip from “The World Is Yours” by Nas. The production is sleek and alluring. It is a very nice selection. The hook is also part of the sample. The verses are choice. Ry serves up a crisp flow and straightforward rhymes. He does a compelling job of sharing some of his personal feelings and thoughts on life, his career, and more. Anyone chasing a dream will be able to empathize with the theme of this cut. As a whole, this is another hit off of the project.

**My Two Cents: Ry is a beast. His flow and lyrical abilities are extremely impressive. His style is a bit aggressive though and may not be for everybody. However, Slickest Baren definitely lived up to the hype. The content and beats are all grade A quality. It’s got all of the makings of a classic hardcore Hip-Hop project. But readers should for sure overlook the abrasiveness and give it a spin for themselves. Catch Ry on the web via Twitter. -MinM

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