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Rue The Poet – “Drunk Love Calls (The Voicemail)”

by Miracle

artworks-000138342595-1pe3jg-t500x500(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Milwaukee artist Rue The Poet has not been featured at all on the site this year. Definitely a sad fact. So when he dropped a previously unreleased single on social media with his blessings to post, The Illixer had to jump on the opportunity. The record is called “Drunk Love Calls (The Voicemail).” It is derived from a real life relationship that Rue was in. He kept it under wraps to allow the person it was intended for the chance to absorb it as well as so that they could both achieve a sense of closure.

The track opens up with Rue initiating a message on the voicemail of his significant other. From there, the production gradually kicks in full force. The instrumental is of an ideal quality. The soft foundation, willowy background elements, seamless tempo, and mature vibe make for a blissful combination. The hook is decent too. The vocals utilized fit superbly with Rue’s easy going delivery. The lyrics are short and sweet. The verses are refreshing. Rue The Poet indulges in a mellowed out flow, effective wordplay, and genuine personal rhymes. He pours his heart out in an open and honest manner that without a doubt breeds a sense of familiarity for the listener. A highlight from his voice message includes: “Past those days of you going through my phone finding follies of my youth. I admit it. I was wrong. Most times women know the truth all along. If they don’t say it then they just play it in a song. Loving you enough, hoping you catch on. And you right your wrongs. So I write this song to show gratitude. I’m the average Rue. Am I drinking baby? Yes, I done had a few.” One can not deny the charm and sincerity contained within those lines right there. As a whole, this is a majestic number.
**My Two Cents: I’m a fan of Rue’s. So I’ve been itching to get something new or unreleased on the site for a while now. Thus I was very geeked to be able to post this selection. I love it because it’s both vulnerable and relatable. We’ve all gotten or sent that one deeply reflective voicemail, text, email, etc; to or from that special someone who things just didn’t quite work out with. And yes alcohol probably gave us the courage to do it (lol). Rue said he decided to share this track in order to give a piece of himself to his supporters before he starts unleashing new tunes in 2016. I think this is the perfect end of the year gift. The theme is massively appealing and the overall packaging just makes for great zoning out music. Readers need to add this to their slow jam playlists pronto. -MinM

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