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Pinqy Ring – “Phone Down (Remix)”

by Miracle

Phone Down(Photo By Sound Cloud)

A couple of weeks ago one our favorite Chi-Town peeps Pinqy Ring, hit us with a brand new remix that she crafted. She took on Erykah Badu‘s latest hit “Phone Down,” showing off her grown & sexy side. And she totally nailed it.

The production here stays true to the original version. The lavish bass-line, savory musical ingredients, sensual rhythm, and hypnotic vibe are of a five star nature. The hook also remains in it’s original format. Miss Badu is definitely winning with her unique melodies and uncomplicated lyrics. So it was smart to leave the hook untouched. The verses are all Pinqy though. She comes through with a silky flow, colorful wordplay, and enticing rhymes. Her words illustrate a scenario that would capture any man’s attention for sure. A sprinkling of irresistible lines include: “I can make you l-l-log off Instagram. Give you something better you can do with them hands. Like journey down my back to a handful of a**. Pretty little Puerto Rican hood girl with some class. It’s a spiritual trip when you rocking my hip. Snap chat you nasty pics while you riding the whip. Speeding down Lake Shore Drive, freaking face time. But be careful not to crash. We can take our time.” Those bars right there provide a sizzling opening to the first verse. All in all, this remake is a certified banger.
**My Two Cents: This is not a side of Pinqy Ring that is heard too often, so it comes off as a pleasant surprise. She flawlessly channels the seductive element that Miss Badu establishes in the original and gives it her own flavor. Her flow goes well with the beat. Her pen game keeps things vivid and entertaining for the listener. I don’t think any guy would be thinking about his phone at all in this scenario. If readers liked Erykah Badu’s version, they need to check this one out for sure. It does not disappoint. Way to switch things up Miss Pinqy. -MinM

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