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Rockz Solid & DJ Sham – Back To Gold City (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

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Back To Gold City (listen/download)

Rockz Solid took everyone by surprise when she decided to come out of her musical hiatus by ending 2013 with a brand new solo mixtape. She teamed up with DJ Sham and took things back to the old school era of Hip-Hop that we all know and love. The result is a 15 track offering dubbed Back To Gold City which includes guest appearances from the likes of: Trunk Bussa, Son Em’ All, Kia Rap Princess, and more. Find out what songs registered with The Illixer the most, after the break.

“Back On The Scene”

The production here is good. The steady foundation, ethereal background components, occasional scratching, breezy tempo, and business like vibe make for an enjoyable combination. The hook is decent. The delivery is laid back but the lyrics are striking. The verses are quality. Rockz exhibits an even-keeled flow, competent wordplay, and satisfactory rhymes. She takes her bold feisty personality and let’s it pour through the mic. A few attention grabbing lines include: “And I’m laughing at theses broads. Can’t stay in they lane. I’m enraged at what I face. I take it case by case. How I’m trying to save a game that I don’t really wanna play? I got these skills. Spit it ill. I do this s–t effortless. You in the booth trying to spill just so you can impress. I’m CEO of what I built. So there ain’t no test. Stacking bodies that I killed. I lay them b—hes to rest.” Those are some sassy final bars being put forth right there. Overall, this selection is deserving of two thumbs up.

“Get Up In The Booth” F/ Myles Mike Moore

The production here is hot. It draws on a sample of “Phone Tap” by late 90’s Hip-Hop group, The Firm. The bass heavy driven beat with it’s labored pace and mellow vibe still sounds just as dope now as it did 17 years ago. DJ Sham’s cuts fit in nicely with the classic instrumental. The hook is slick. The delivery has personality to it and the lyrics are precise. The verses are first-rate. Rockz takes care of the first verse and Myles Mike Moore knocks out the second one. Each artist supplies their own signature flow, slick wordplay, and high quality rhymes. The duo indirectly state at the end of the track that their purpose was to provide an example of how to spit to wack emcees and they did just that. A couple of prominent lines from Rockz Solid are: “Pardon me. Excuse my artistry. But they don’t come as hard as me. Hip-Hop flowing through my arteries. The heart of me. What they taught in me, arranged the game. So comically I’m still dropping these bars atomically. Wack emcees want no part of me. Cause I’m causing havoc audibly. A warrior God who fathered me. So these fake mothaf—as just don’t bother me.” Those are some cold words to open up the track with. All in all, this is a hit record as well as the site favorite.

“Write It To Life F/ Harmony

The production here is pleasant. The low key infrastructure, soulful musical elements, middling groove, and expressive vibe blend together gracefully. The hook is delightful too. Harmony’s vocals are golden and the lyrics are meaningful. The verses are enriching. Rockz serves up a heartfelt flow, attentive wordplay, and meditative rhymes. She paints an intriguing scenario of what she would do if given the ability to write bars that came to life. Peep it as she envisions: “If my pen wrote reality, I’d gradually improve my hood. Like a fantasy. Gangs be the last you see bringing terror to our families. No drugs to shatter dreams. I’d erase all insanity. Replace it with happy things like food and drink for all humanity. Challenging kids to master. I’d draw a daddy for each child feeling like a bastard. No more last words. No more dying days. I’d draw something bright, exuding sun-rays. I’d draw a way out for every rough place.” Those bars right there create some powerful images. As a whole, this is a moving offering and an awesome reminder of the conscious endearing side to Rockz. She’s not always such a firecracker.

**My Two Cents: Back To Gold City is an accomplished mixtape. It perfectly captures the essence of old school Hip-Hop through the beats and the work of DJ Sham. Rockz Solid also compliments the theme well with her matured soul and tactfully packaged rhymes. I definitely feel that those who miss Hip-Hop in it’s prime will certainly get a kick out of the tape. The only way to find out for sure though is to venture over to Dat Piff and give it a whirl. -MinM

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